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Connect with what Matters.​

Inspired Legal Network provides solicitors with access to fully onboarded clients, with all the necessary compliance checks completed. We help you with what truly matters to your law firm.

✓ AML & KYC Completed

✓ Terms of Engagement Completed

✓ Fully Onboarded Clients

Immigration Sorted.​

Helping thousands obtain visas, second passports and golden visas globally.

We work with regulated legal firms throughout the European Union.

Remove the local complexities of obtaining a citizenship or visas in other jurisdictions.

Residency & Investor Visas.​

We work with law firms that practices globally.

Golden Visa Ireland supports Chinese citizens the opportunity to apply for a residency or investor visa.

Our team of Immigration experts provide the highest quality service, supporting our clients throughout their visa application process.

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Inspired Legal Group’s mission is to raise the bar for legal practices, globally. Our brands are focussed on delivering high quality services for our clients

Raising The Bar For Legal Services